• Anaesthetic screening, anaesthetic surgery
  • General anaesthetic as a balanced anaesthetic, intravenous anaesthetic (without gas) local anaesthetic like spinal, epidural, plexus 3/1 blockades, Biermann blockades and lots more
  • Epidural anaesthetic to help with birth
  • Analgesics, also in combination with local anaesthetic processes
  • Pain therapy
  • Children's anaesthetics in separate specialist areas
  • Central vein catheter, artery aditus
  • Anaesthetics for bigger stomach and thorax surgery, including single lung respiration (double lumbentubus) and bronchoscopy
  • Combination of local and general anaesthetics
  • Lumber and thoracic epidural catheter, 3/1 catheter, plexus catheter
  • Artificial respiration, long-term artificial respiration, intensive medical care, parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition via nutrition tube

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